Nokia is bringing back the 3310

Nokia is bringing back the 3310


Despite its limitations, most people owned a Nokia 3310 at some point. The phone featured physical number buttons, a small monochrome screen and a durable bloated design. When the Nokia 3310 was released, it broke sales records with 126 million units being sold worldwide, making it one of the most successful phones ever made.

Nokia recently announced that the Nokia 3310 would be making a comeback. The phone will have the same indestructible body and long lasting battery, and will be available for around $62. Just like the original device, the phone will feature the same calculator, clock, reminder app and games. Games include, Pairs II, Snake II, Bantumi and Space Impact.

What made this phone so memorable to most people weren’t its limitations, but the fact that it was almost indestructible and one of the most affordable phones ever made.

If you are thinking of going retro and cutting out all the 21st century distractions, the Nokia 3310 would be a great investment.