This levitating story clock is beyond awesome

This levitating story clock is beyond awesome


Flyte is knows for creating the floating planter and floating light bulb. After the major success of their last projects, the company has now started a Kickstarter campaign for its new Story Timepiece, a levitating clock.

This might sound like something created by Hollywood, but it is all too real. The Story Timepiece uses magnets to guide a chrome ball around a wooden base. Features include clock mode, where the sphere floats around every hour of the day, timer mode and journey mode, which allows you to save important dates.

The clock has an LED display that shows digital time and it can be connected to the mobile app, which will allow the clock to illuminate meteorological data. The backlight will then mimic the sunrise and sunset, moon phase and temperature.

The only downside is that the Story Timepiece will cost between $399 and $499 when it hits the shelves, which is very expensive compared to plain clocks, but well worth it if you have to show off the coolest project available.