System76 Galaga Pro was made for Ubuntu Linux fans

System76 Galaga Pro was made for Ubuntu Linux fans


OMG Ubuntu just announced the System76 Galaga Pro, Ubuntu based notebook. The Notebook features an aluminum alloy case, as well as a thin and light feel, a definite upgrade from their previous plastic version.

What makes the Galaga Pro a great buy is that you can replace most of the parts without voiding the warranty, making this device cheaper to repair. The only part that is not covered under the open hardware warranty is the motherboard.

The Galaga Pro has Integrated HD 620 GPUs and seventh-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors with RAM that is upgradeable to 32GB RAM. It also features a 13 inch display and a backlit keyboard. Unfortunately these are the only specifications that are available at present, but you can sign up here for more updates.

Galaga Pro will be available from April for around $899