How to take screenshots on Xbox One

How to take screenshots on Xbox One


There are times that you just need to share an experiences with the outside world and that is where screenshots on your Xbox One comes in handy. Luckily it couldn’t be easier to take snapshots of game-play on the Xbox One.

This can be done by double tapping the Xbox button which is located in the center of your controller, a screenshot will be captured automatically accompanied by a pop up which will allow you to save your screenshot. Simply press ‘Y’ on your controller and save your screenshot for later use.

To share your screenshot, you need to visit the upload app. Tap on the right bumper from the home screen until you find your friends’ share content feed. Select your screenshot and tap the Menu button and select ‘Share’.

You will be given a choice between OneDrive, Twitter and private messages. That’s it, your screenshot will now be immortalized at the location of your choosing.