Protect your phone with new liquid glass

Protect your phone with new liquid glass


ProtectPax is a liquid glass that will protect your pricey smartphone from most frets. It is described as a nano protector that was engineered for the aerospace and aviation industries. The gel is made up of titanium dioxide nano-particles that fills microscopic valleys on your screen, enabling ProtectPax to reinforces your screen against mishaps.

The gel can be applied with ease, simply clean your smartphone’s screen and rub ProtectPax across the surface with a sealing cloth, and leave the solution for ten minutes to set. When done, your screen will be protected from falls, cracks and scratches.

ProtectPax will last up to 365 days and will improve your phones touchscreen functionality. The solution when applied, is 9H on Mohs Hardness Scale, which is higher that a knife blade. The possibilities are endless, as it can be applied to most device displays.

This innovative new solution to protecting your devices is currently on IndieGoGo