Xiaomi smart shoes coming soon

Xiaomi smart shoes coming soon


Xiaomi is a Chinese tech company better known for their range of smartphones and fitness bands. The company has recently announced that they are taking on a new market with their line of smart shoes named, 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear.

The smart shoe tracks your fitness thanks to collaboration with Intel. The data will be more accurate than fitness bands as the information is directly tracked from the source. You will be able to track physical activities like, running, walking, climbing and much more, which will be available in a comprehensive report.

More features include, air cushions, anti-skid, antibacterial insoles and soles with arch support, which makes them the perfect pair for any activity enthusiast. The only downside is that Xiaomi will be launching their line of smart shoes in April exclusively in China in black, blue, pink and a special edition glow in the dark.