Passivdom shows off its Zombie proof home

Passivdom shows off its Zombie proof home


PassivDom is a smart home that was developed by a Ukrainian company. The company claims to have built an off the grid 3D-printed gadget house that will withstand a Zombie apocalypse. They have made the first completely autonomous house that is transportable with Passive House parameters.

The house uses 20 times less energy than most buildings, thanks to its thermal characteristics that are high enough. This makes the house capable of going fully off the grid even in cold climates, without adding complex and expensive engineered heating systems. The house is also equipped with a cloud-based video surveillance system and your water supply and sewage system is independent from the norm.

All systems in the house are powered by the sun and can be managed by smartphone. This is by far the most environmentally friendly house because it needs no electricity or gas to sustain itself. You will be able to enjoy 5-star living and change locations at will because the PassivDom is a house on wheels.

The company promises maximum comfort thanks to the house’s self-learning system that monitors temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide content. All you need to do is move in, as the house comes fully furnished with all you would ever need.

PassivDom can be ordered for $64,000, which will include all necessary appliances and furniture.