Samsung announces the cause of the Galaxy Note 7’s exploding battery

Samsung announces the cause of the Galaxy Note 7’s exploding battery


Samsung made the news last year after many of their new line of Note phones caused harm to clients due to the device’s batteries caught fire. The company has finally completed its investigation into the cause of the Note 7’s battery fire, after three analysis firms investigated the phone for a month.

The company’s chief mobile executive, Dongjin Koh explained that the lithium-ion batteries short-circuited because of damage to the separator, which prevents negative and positive electrodes from making contact with each other and generating dangerous amounts of heat.

Samsung is putting preventative measures in place to assure that defects like this never surface again, by introducing an eight point inspection process that will oversee each battery feature’s safe implementations, as customer safety is one of Samsung’s highest priorities.

The smartphone giant hopes to win back customers trust by triple checking the safety of all their products to insure that faults like this never happen again. This was an expensive learning curve for Samsung; the recall of all their Note 7’s cost a pretty penny, not to mention pending lawsuits from customers who got seriously injured by exploding batteries.

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