Keep an eye on your kid’s devices with Google’s Family Link app

Keep an eye on your kid’s devices with Google’s Family Link app


No one can monitor what their kids are getting up to on their devices 24 hours a day. Luckily you don’t have to thanks to Google’s latest app release, Family Link. The app allows parents to manage the content of their kids’ devices. Family Link can be downloaded in the app store by Android users at no cost.

Googles latest monitoring app for parents launched in limited beta on 15 March and a broader launch is expected this year. What the app does is tie parents’ devices to their children’s; it allows children to access services like Maps, Gmail, Chrome and Photos, sending notifications to parents about all activity on a child’s device.

Parents will receive notifications if a child tries to visit a site or download any apps, giving the parent the option to allow or deny the activity. Detailed analytics of apps and services used will also be sent to parents, giving you a clearer picture of what their time was spend on.

All you need to do is to download Family link to your and your child’s device. You will be able to allow or block access to any apps or limit the time they can spend on services. Parents can even set ‘blackout periods’, during which children won’t be able to access their devices, or set up a specific time that the device should lock.

Google will also block age inappropriate apps and content on your child’s device, giving you a bit more peace of mind in an age where anything can be accessed on the internet.