Grass could be used as biofuel

Grass could be used as biofuel


Biofuels are better for the environment than fossil fuels, because they emit fewer particle emissions in exhaust trails. It is possible to make biofuel with grass clippings which is cleaner and a more sustainable source than current resources. This means that you could soon be driving or flying using cleaner energy.

Jet engines powered by biofuels, emits 50% to 70% less particle emissions in their exhaust, explains NASA. Switching to biofuel should help minimize our current footprint on Earth’s environment. This is now possible thanks to researchers at Ghent University; their studies revealed that is possible to manufacture biofuel quicker using grass.

Even though this technology is not ready for wide spread use at this time, it is showing promising signs of wider implementation and could be a better way forward for future generations.