Twitter Lite is now available

Twitter Lite is now available


We’ve all seen Facebook Lite, the feature pops up as soon as you open the Facebook mobile app out of Wi-Fi reach. This feature allows for Facebook browsing without the images and videos, saving you from exorbitant data bills.

Twitter has jumped on the bandwagon with their version called Twitter Lite. This lightweight version of Twitter will make it easier for users who have limited data available. The feature will minimize data usage and load quicker on slower connections, all this for less than 1MB of space on your preferred device.

In an ever growing smartphone market, it is still reported that 45 percent of mobile connections remain on 2G networks, making it harder for people to get the most out ever-changing social platforms.

Twitter Lite promises 30 percent faster launch times, less data usage and quicker navigation to users on slower networks. Users will be able to see timelines, Direct Messages, Tweets, profiles, trends, notifications and media uploads, without the worry of downloading a data-sucking app, which would be a welcome addition to people with a limited connection.