Graphene will allow for flexible OLED screens

Graphene will allow for flexible OLED screens


It has taken four years, but researchers in South Korea, has finally integrated electrodes made from graphene into OLED display panels. This means that flexible graphene can be used on wearable technology and smart clothes, pathing a new way forward.

Graphene has been in use for many years in batteries and products that turn saltwater into drinking water, a single sheet of graphene could produce headphones that have a frequency response that compares equal to very expensive high end headphones. So it was only a matter of time for this wonder material to allow for more technology advances.

Researchers replaced traditional electrodes in larger OLED panels with graphene electrodes, allowing for a smaller size OLED screen which is resistant to damage and more flexible. These bendable screens could be added to clothes and will flex to match individual bodies.

Their next step is to replace glass with plastic, which will boost the flexibility and toughness. The success of graphene will allow manufacturers to commercialize graphene-based OLED panels. We could see this technology being used in smart clothes and wearables in the next three years.