Get 40% more energy with the Smartflower

Get 40% more energy with the Smartflower


The latest solution for sustainable energy comes from nature. The Smartflower solar panel was inspired by sunflowers, nature’s own little cleverly engineered solar flower and is a fully integrated, solar system that will power your lifestyle with clean energy.

The Smartflower was designed to mimic nature and follow the sun to capture optimal energy. At dawn, the Smartflower unfolds itself, and sets its petals, or rather solar panels, at a 90 degree angle to capture sunrays. The Smartflower adjusts itself according to the position of the sun, until dusk, when it folds back into itself.

The Smartflower was designed to fold back into itself when conditions are not conducive to energy production, protecting itself against rain, high winds and other hazardous weather conditions. Thanks to its ability to follow the sun’s position, the Smartflower will produce 40 percent more energy than traditional solar panels, making it a leader in its field.

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