Become a Messenger master

Become a Messenger master


If you are one of the 1 billion people who use Facebook Messenger every month, you could surely benefit from a couple of tips and tricks to step up your messaging game. New features are being rolled out all the time and you are probably not even aware of new functions that could help you keep in touch with friends and family more easily.

Before we go into some of the tips and tricks of Messenger, you will need to make sure that your version of Facebook Messenger is up to date. iOS users can do this by going into the App Store and tapping on the ‘Updates’ tab which is located on the far right. Choose the ‘Update All’ button in the top right corner. Android users should open the Google Play Store and tap on the three horizontal lines located on the left side at the top of your screen. Choose, ‘My apps and games’ and tap ‘Update all’.

After sending a message on Facebook messenger, you can easily see if your message has been read. An open blue circle next to your message means that it is still sending, when your message has been read, the other person’s profile picture will appear to the bottom right of your message. If your message fails to send, you will notice a red triangle next to the message, you will need to check your connection and send again.

One of the latest features to hit messenger is voice or video calling. To use this feature, tap on the phone icon at the top right corner of your chat. Here you can choose between a voice call and a video call, both free to use if you are connected to Wi-Fi. If you don’t have Wi-Fi available the app will use some of your data, but the cost is miner compared to a normal telephone call.

Should you want to leave a voice message, simply hold the microphone icon and release when you are ready to send. Should a photo or video be more your style, tap on the camera icon. Here you can tap to snap a photo or tap and hold to record a short video.  Activate special effects by tapping on the icon above the shutter button, when done choose the arrow located at the bottom right to send your video or photo.

You are also able to send videos and photos that are already on your device by tapping the picture icon that is next to the camera icon. Choose the photo or video you would like to send and jazz it up a bit by tapping the pen icon, this will enable you to draw on the photo and add text.

We hope that this short tutorial has been helpful in mastering the basics of Messenger, there are more advanced features, but we would suggest that you master the basics before trying more advanced features.