Sling TV just launched on LG Smart TVs

Sling TV just launched on LG Smart TVs


Buying a television has become more complicated with multiple offerings and choices. The simple decision of what to watch could be overwhelming if you are not familiar with all the options that we are flooded with daily, from live TV to streaming online. Gone are the days of simply buying a television and plugging it in.

LG has made the decision easier with the launch of Sling TV. Owners of recent LG Smart TVs will now be able to watch their favourite shows without additional devices or input switching. Sling TV includes live TV and on-demand content, which will give you an abundance of premium content that you can watch from the comfort of your couch.

Sling TV is supported by most LG webOS 3.0 Smart TVs and webOS 3.5 will be added in coming months, so don’t worry to much if you don’t see Sling TV in the LG Launcher Bar when you turn on your television.

You can also search for the app by pressing ‘Home’ and selecting ‘Go to LG Content Store’ and searching ‘Sling’. Sign up directly from the app on your LG television and start enjoying prime content right away.