These futuristic bike tires will never let you down

These futuristic bike tires will never let you down


We’ve all experienced the agony of a flat bike tire when out on a summer ride. That would be bearable if it didn’t mean pushing your bike all the way back home, wasting lots of time and energy on an excursion that was meant to relax.

Bridgestone has the answer in the form of Air Free Concept tires that will never get a puncture, or need to be inflated; they guarantee that you will never get a flat if you invest in their new creation. It took six years for the dream to become a reality by using a unique array of spokes that run along the inner sides of the tire.

These next-generation tires are more environmentally friendly and will remove the need for any extra baggage like a bicycle pump. Not only will Bridgestone’s latest innovation keep you on the road, but it will also do it in style.

The Air Free Concept tires are currently undergoing rigorous testing to eliminate the unforeseen and will only be available in 2019. This makes us excited for what more the future holds.