How to protect your computer from ‘WannaCry’ ransomware

How to protect your computer from ‘WannaCry’ ransomware


A new ransomware has been sweeping the internet with over tens of thousands of computers infected up to date. The virus has taken over everyone from hospitals to government agencies, locking them out of critical computer systems which can only be unlocked by paying a ransom amount.

The malicious code was slowed down by accident over the weekend when someone discovered a kill switch. Unfortunately this has only slowed it down, as it could be fixed at any time. Windows users should be vigilant in avoiding the malware. These steps should help protect your computer:

Microsoft has released a patch that should secure your system. Download the latest security patches from Windows Update, if your PC hasn’t automatically updated itself. Unfortunately these security updates are not available for Windows XP, Windows 8 or Vista.

If you are a user of one of the outdated operating systems, download the patch for your version here right away. Consider upgrading to Windows 10, as you are more vulnerable to future attacks.

Next you should install an antivirus. Antiviruses can detect and isolate suspicious software, which could halt undetected malware. Here are a couple of free antivirus programs you can download.