A bug causes Windows systems to crash

A bug causes Windows systems to crash


There is a new bug that causes a blue-screen on your system when visiting affected websites because of issues relating to the way filenames are constructed. This bug only affects computers with Windows 7, Vista and Windows 8.1.

The filenames have to accessible from any location in the file system; they may cause the operating system to freeze if not used properly. The culprit filename is $MFT, a name of a specific kind of metadata file that is used in Microsoft’s proprietary file system. Windows blocks any attempts to open the unseen file.

Should there be an attempt to open the $MFT file, Windows will administer a lock on the file that can never be released. Any attempts to access the file system will be in vain, causing problems for any active applications. Your only choice will be a reboot, as your computer will be useless.