A new YouTube interface has just rolled out for Android

A new YouTube interface has just rolled out for Android


YouTube has officially rolled out a redesigned layout for Android. The first change to be noticed is the navigation tabs that have been moved to the bottom of the screen. Here you will find trending, home and the subscriptions tabs.

Your will find your account settings by tapping the user icon in the right hand corner, located next to the cast and search icons. Another difference is that the Accounts tab has been replaced with Library; here you will be able to view your activity, playlist, history, likes and uploads.

Recent uploads from channels that you have subscribed to is still on the home screen, as well as recommended videos. New popular videos can be accessed through the trending tab and posts and videos from your subscribed channels can be located under the subscriptions tab.

More changes include a change in color with the navigation bar in white, with highlighted tabs and the action bar in red. The new interface is very similar to the iOS app, with the only difference being the Activity tab that tracks your notifications. You will find the updated app to be faster and more comfortable for bigger screen sizes.