Facebook poke is back

Facebook poke is back


If you’ve had a Facebook account for more than 5 year, you would surely remember the annoyance of Facebook poking. The feature was removed in 2013, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t leave a lasting impression on Facebook users.

Even though the Facebook poke was one of the most annoying features ever available on Facebook, the feature might be making a comeback. Facebook will be renaming the feature, Hello. Unfortunately the rebranding will not make the feature any more desirable. Basically the feature will allow users to notify a friend or family member that they would like to talk, without going to the trouble of actually saying it.

Hello is only available to Facebook users based in the U.K. at present, but will be rolled out to everyone soon. The feature will be available on desktop and mobile in the form of a waving hand. The feature is intended as an ice breaker when adding a new friend, but only time will tell if it will receive a better welcome than its predecessor.