The next line of Pixel smartphones will be even larger

The next line of Pixel smartphones will be even larger


It feels like the Google Pixel and Pixel XL was launched only yesterday, yet rumors have already started about a new line that will be launching later this year. The second line of Google Pixels have been confirmed by Rick Osterloh, a hardware boss at Google in an interview with Android Pit, shutting down any speculations about the credibility of these rumors.

The names of the new line of Pixels have not been confirmed, but there are speculations that there will be a smaller, low cost device and a much bigger high-end one. These devices are currently being tested according to a Google developer on the Android Open Source Project web page.

Although not much is known about the larger Pixel, it is rumoured to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor running at 1.9GHz and 4GB of RAM, much like the Samsung Galaxy S8. This will mean that Google’s new line of Pixel phones will not have an hardware advantage over other Android handsets, so they will have to pull out all the stops to keep consumers interested in owning one of these devices.

According to a report from Yonhap News Agency, Google has made a $876 million investment in LG Display for the companies flexible OLED screens. This could mean a strategic partnership between Google and LG. These developments might suggest that Google would be utilizing a flexible OLED panel on their latest line of Pixels.

We would likely find out more from Google about the smartphones in October, but you can expect a massive price jump.