New Android virus could wreak havoc on your phone

New Android virus could wreak havoc on your phone


New and unique Android malware are discovered weekly. Most of the time third-party security experts and Google identify the trouble makers before any serious damage is done. It seems that a new Trojan, called Dvmap has a different tactic, by injecting code into your Android system Library.

Dvmap is located on the Google Play Store in a game called Colourblock and is the first malware on the operating system with these capabilities. The game has been downloaded just over 50 000 times, before it was taken down by Google.

The malware overwrites contents in the Android system library and can disable Android’s Verify Apps function. This allows unchecked installation of downloaded software without approval. Dvmap also eliminates important services that a great number of apps rely on to operate, leading to stable apps crashing your device.

This Trojan also deletes root access to hide its existence. The danger comes to light for apps that deal with sensitive information that rely on root detection for security purposes, like banking apps. Hopefully Google will put more effort into detecting these Trojan apps before they are downloaded by unsuspecting users.