Get the new Twitter update for a less confusing experience

Get the new Twitter update for a less confusing experience


Twitter has recently refreshed their app. You will notice that it is still the same interface that you have grown to love, but with an aesthetically pleasing and easier to use experience.

The iPhone update looks very similar to the Android version and iOS users will now be able to access their settings, profiles and Moments in the side navigation menu. This reduces the amount of tab switches at the bottom of the screen, simplifying the browsing experience.

More iOS updates includes the Safari View Controller opening in the Twitter app. This gives you access to sites where your account info is saved, saving valuable time. You are also able to set you settings to open supported links in Safari Reader.

Twitter has also changed up the typography by adding rounded profile pictures and bolder headlines, to highlight categories. Tweets will update instantly, meaning conversations will happen in real time; unfortunately this feature is only available for Android and iOS at present. The reply arrow has also been replaced by a speech bubble to avoid confusion.

The update is available for Android, iOS, Twitter Lite and TweetDeck