Limitations on Netflix downloads

Limitations on Netflix downloads


Netflix started offering content downloads of shows and movies for offline viewing late last year, but they never mentioned the limitations that are coming to light as subscribers use the feature. Some of the content can only be downloaded limited times.

What this means is that if you do not watch the downloaded movie or series before it expires, you will need to download it again. The amount of times that a specific show can be downloaded is limited, which could mean that you will not be able to watch the long anticipated episode or movie without a Wi-Fi connection.

Even though you might intend to watch a show in the provided timeline, things do happen that makes this goal impossible to achieve. When you try to download the content again you will receive a message that states that you will only be able to download the file one more time. You will not be able to download the specific content for the next year and your only option would be to wait it out or watch it when you are connected to the internet.

Netflix has explained this frustration as rules that are set by the companies that own the rights to the content and that they are simply following the terms of its contract. The streaming giant has updated their Help section, stating that some titles can only be renewed a specific number of times.