Kevin Bacon is returning to Tremors

Kevin Bacon is returning to Tremors


Kevin Bacon will star in the Tremors TV series that was picked up by Syfy, the remake of the 1990 creature-comedy about man-eating worms that lurk beneath the dirt will finally be back on your television screen after 20 years.

The series will be based on the Tremors movie franchise with Kevin Bacon back at the helm as the reluctant monster hunter Valentine McKee. Not only will Kevin be making a comeback in the much anticipated television series, but he will also serve as an executive producer.

Tremors the TV series will playoff 25 years after the films with Kevin’s character forced to overcome age and alcoholism, while slaying monstrous worms that live to wipe out humanity. It would be interesting to see how Kevin revives this long dead character.

This will be the first time that Bacon revisits the series, as he did not appear in many of the sequels or the short lived 13 episode series that aired in 2003, hopefully his return will help this much anticipated series thrive with a new following of fans.

Unfortunately the production timeline for the series in not known at this point.