Protect your PC against the global NotPetya attacks

Protect your PC against the global NotPetya attacks


NotPetya is a new type of ransomware that started attacking computers on June 26. It was first seen attacking major systems like postal services, power companies and banks in Ukraine, but quickly spread to private systems in 64 countries.

NotPetya or Petwrap was designed to hold devices and files hostage until the hacker is paid in Bitcoin. Unfortunately NotPetya is not just out for a quick buck, damaging file systems to take downs companies and individuals who have been infected, making it seem that the ransomware aspect is only a cover.

People mostly fall victim to ransomware by downloading malware disguised as a legitimate email attachment. The malware then encrypts files and posts a popup on the pc’s screen that demands payment in Bitcoins to unlock the effected files. This will also affect other computers that are linked to your network.

At present NotPetya is focused on attacking Windows machines. We would recommend running Windows updates and investing in a trusted antivirus to avoid getting yourself and others caught up in this malicious net.