More about Yahoo’s redesign and ad free subscription

More about Yahoo’s redesign and ad free subscription


Yahoo Mail was launched 20 years ago and was a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately the email service has gone from number one to third on the list, so it is about time that they had a relaunch with new features and ad-free premium tier.

The mail provider’s interface has been redesigned from scratch. Search mode now lets you filter emails, files and attachments according to dates, keywords and names. New to the service are a GIF library and a collection of open source stationary and emojis, and a library of switchable color themes.

Included in your Yahoo Mail is quick links to auto-generated folders the setting screen will reflect any changes made instantaneously. Yahoo has speed up browsing by using Ajax, Javascript, Redux and React, which makes the service more responsive and faster.

Should you want to fork out some cash, you can subscribe to Yahoo Mail Pro, the ad-free, premium version which includes priority support for only $35 a year. For users who feel more comfortable with the known layout, you can switch back to the old look at no cost.

Yahoo suffered two massive security breaches this year, which affected billions of users, so it remains to be seen if the revamped service will be able to restore user’s confidence.